Yeah, it’s raining a little

RainIn our two months on the road in 1978, whenever things got rough, Joe and I had a little routine. One of us would say, “It could be worse”, and the other would reply, “It could be raining.”

It only rained once that summer, and it caught us in Jackson Hole. We found shelter in a shopping center and watched hail the size of baseballs pound down so hard that the parking lot flooded. We were unbelievably fortunate.

Well, today, my first day out, it’s raining.

I’m holed up waiting for it to blow over.

And it could be worse. I’m not on the Andrea Gail.

Perfect Storm

6 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s raining a little

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  1. And in my culture, as well as in many other African cultures, rain is a sign of blessings! The showers of rain that hit the earth as you set out on your adventurous journey cleared any “mud” that might have been on your path.

    Showers of blessings to you, my comrade and travel well!


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