It’s been a year… Thank you, and check out this special offer.

That day, one year ago today, when the print version of Nobody Hitchhikes Anymore finally hit the shelves, I felt like a hitchhiker all over again. Standing by the side of the road, all alone, exposed and vulnerable, not knowing if anyone would pick me up.

And then you stopped. You bought the book. You rode with me for a bit, lifted my spirits, and took me a bit further down this road of life. Many of you called or messaged me with your stories of hitching, or with stories of how the book spoke to you. It has been one amazing ride.

And, like a hitchhiking trip, it is totally unpredictable. When I pointed my thumb west that May morning in 2018, I had no idea who I would meet and where they would take me. A friend or two even volunteered that it was a terrible idea.

When Rootstock agreed to publish the book, I had no idea that we would be bringing this story to press in the middle of a pandemic that shuttered bookstores and travel alike.

But thanks to online sales and word of mouth, I’m happy to say that I feel like we’ve reached an audience beyond what I had imagined possible. So, thank you.

And, with that, I have just one more favor to ask. I have it on reliable information that Amazon, that company run by a guy so rich he can quit his job and fly into space, gives a significant boost to books with more than 50 reviews. And guess how many I’ve got? Forty six!

So, my request is this – would you be so kind as to make your way to Amazon and post a review? It could even be a crummy review – algorithms don’t seem to care!

I also have a special offer from my publisher to pass on…

The Nobody Hitchhikes Anymore e-book is available directly from the publisher via this link for only $4.99. In case you our someone you know likes reading on a kindle type thingee, send them over to https://www.rootstockpublishing.com/rootstock-books/nobody-hitchhikes-ebook


Massage Therapist and writer from Syracuse, NY, hitchhiking across the US.

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