Rob, Kim, Mark, Rick, Steve, Dave, Rogo, Sean, John, Portia, Karl, Jim, Gordon, Lydia and the kids, Morgan, Mike and Nancy, Pat, Karin, John, Ricardo, Deb, TJ, James, Steve, Adam, Scott, Rob, Rick, Danica, Ron, Officer Mejias-Stevens, Naz, Jamie, Richard, Val, and Casey, Tom, Jeff, Will, Tara Lee and Jesse. Thank you. I didn't set out for California. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain Hitching

Yesterday started and ended beautifully. My morning began in Fort Collins, the lovely college town on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains where my son Rob has been working on his PhD in plant physiology for the past four years. He studies the impact of drought and changes in precipitation patterns on different species... Continue Reading →

The Golden Arches

In my pack I carry raisins, a chunk of summer sausage, and dozens of wild cherry Life Savers. In a side pouch I have a 1.5 liter unbreakable water bottle that my friend William gave me as a parting gift. There have been a few times when nibbling on the sausage has kept hunger at... Continue Reading →

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