The Golden Arches

In my pack I carry raisins, a chunk of summer sausage, and dozens of wild cherry Life Savers. In a side pouch I have a 1.5 liter unbreakable water bottle that my friend William gave me as a parting gift. There have been a few times when nibbling on the sausage has kept hunger at... Continue Reading →

You Have to Smile and Wave

It's part of the deal. "You don't catch a ride with your thumb," says Juan Villarino, who has hitched more than 100,000 miles, "You catch it with a smile." Villarino was profiled in this New York Times story earlier this year World's Greatest Hitch Hiker and while I agree with his notion of the importance... Continue Reading →

Peoria and West

Peoria Video   I decamped from the food court in Peoria's Northwoods Mall to find the parking lot soaked and still draining from a heavy rain. Toying with the idea of walking up the ramp closer to the highway, I was looking for a way through a fence when the sky lit up. More lightning.... Continue Reading →

A Day at the Office

Yesterday I was almost gave up at the entrance ramp of 43 North in Indiana. Steven had dropped me off there, but the lay of the land was not in my favor. Most of the cars appeared to be families picking up their sons or daughters from Purdue University, just five miles away. Full vehicles... Continue Reading →

Heroin Highway

It wasn't long that I was walking with my sign on Rt. 5 right near Silver Creek, when a very old red Ford pickup pulled over. You can never be sure if they are stopping for you or for some other reason. I had my backpack on already, so I picked up the pace and... Continue Reading →

Staying Put

I'm getting ready to leave Lexington, Kentucky, after a day unexpectedly spent in a new city with an old friend, Deb Alexander. This random stay came about when Ricardo, a truck driver headed from Ohio to Miami, picked me up on Interstate 71. I thought I would be getting out in Columbus to continue west... Continue Reading →

Not the Thruway

Leave behind the goals and the timelines and expectations of productivity when you take to the road. Unless that road is the Thruway. The New York State Thruway, officially named for Governor Thomas E. Dewey, a man who was for a brief moment in 1948 known as the next President of the United States, is... Continue Reading →

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